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Helper Application

Discussion in 'Helper Application' started by NotFightingFitz, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. NotFightingFitz

    NotFightingFitz New Member

    Oct 9, 2019
    Username: NotFightingFitz

    Current Donator Rank: None

    Current Mine and Prestige rank: Mine Z, Prestige 8

    Age: 14

    Discord: NotFightingFitz#1556

    Timezone: EU, Berlin.

    Why do you want to be staff in the Rapz Prison community?
    I just wanna help out the community, its a great community everyone is nice and I feel that I can contribute to make the server better in whatever ways possible. If that means making sure no rules are violated or keeping the chat clean.

    What have you done to already help the server?
    I have answered questions from new players like "how do I sell, how do I get a new pick, how do I get to the prestige mine, and etc."

    How can the server benefit from you being staff?
    I am in fact homeschooled so I can be on for most of the day and most of the time im on there are about 1-2 staff on. I feel that I can take some stress off the staffs back by being there for that extra help they made need.

    What do you think being staff is about?
    Helping people, making sure the community stays strong, make sure everyone follows the rules, and just to have fun!

    What is your greatest strength?
    I've played the server a lot and started to really get to know how to get stuff and certain commands that new players might question. I also am on a lot

    What is your greatest weakness?
    I am a new player I learned most of everything on the server such as commands and items people may ask about. But I think helper will help me learn what I don't know.

    What is your availability to moderate server/forums/discord like (include time frame)?
    I can do 3-10 hours a day, but I will be moving over the next couple months so that time range is going to vary time to time.

    Have you ever been punished on the server, website, or discord? If so how come, did you deserve it, and what have you done to grow from that mistake?
    No I have not

    A player has been warned to quit spamming "Can someone give me sharpness 40 sword?" what do you do next?
    A. Temporary mute

    A player is advertising another server, what do you do? Is there anything else you would do that is not listed here?
    B. Permanent Mute temporarily because I don't think helpers can ban so I will call an admin or mod on discord and ask him to ban him.

    A player is accused of hacking by another player. What do you do to the player being accused? What do you do to the player accusing?
    Tp to the accused hacker and check if there is anything fishy and if there isn't I might warn or temporally mute the player that accused the other player.

    Is there anything else you would like to say / add to your application?
    I will be moving to the Untied States soon so the time zone is going to change throughout the next couple months.
  2. Jakob983

    Jakob983 New Member

    Jul 22, 2019
    #2 Jakob983, Oct 9, 2019
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2019
    Hey! I have some feedback.

    It seems like you don't have very much server and/or staff experience. I think you should really take the time to write a detailed application, as well as play on the server more often.

    That was me being 100% honest ^. Good luck!
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  3. xSwaayy

    xSwaayy New Member

    Sep 29, 2019
    #3 xSwaayy, Oct 10, 2019
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2019
    Hey NotFightingFitz,

    I would recommend using proper grammar while writing your application, this will show a sense of maturity while others are reading your application. For example, "I just wanna help out the community" instead of "wanna" use "want to" or "would like to". I also saw you stated you are home schooled, to make your application look a little more clean maybe try and make a time scale. Example: (Monday-Friday 7AM-8PM) etc. I also saw you said you were moving but it would be helpful to see what time you can be available prior to moving.

    Best of luck! :D

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  4. Wyatt Vickers

    Wyatt Vickers New Member

    Sep 29, 2019
    Thank you for applying for the helper role! Great job following the format and providing responses to all questions. This was a very short application with very little detail. I can definitely appreciate a read that’s concise and informative, however there was a bunch of “fill” that didn’t really wow me. We all appreciate you helping new players and providing basic information to keep players in the right direction, however every other active player does this as well. As for your response to advertisements, you would provide a 7 day ban and ask a mod to perm ban. You wouldn’t provide a mute.

    You shouldn’t want to be staff on Rapz Prison just because “the community is great and everyone is nice”. You helping maintain chat and server cleanliness is just a small part of what you have to do. You haven’t mentioned once how you would benefit the server more than it already has by the other staff members. As of right now, you would be a filler doing the same thing as the other players, just with a “Helper” tag.

    Last few things, a report that is false or not valid should not be as punishable. We have a reports system for reports. If the player who submitted the report is punished because they may have seen something different or the report is false, this would give them the impression that reporting is bad. You instead need to focus on the accused.

    When reapplying, please provide more detail and gain a better understanding of staff policy and guidelines. This is important to provide the best experience for the players and the community. I didn’t gain that from your application.
  5. whatsoever

    whatsoever Admin
    Staff Member Admin

    Jan 22, 2019
    Thank you for submitting a helper application. After reviewing your application and taking it into consideration across all our administration team, we regret to inform you that your application has been rejected. You may reapply in two weeks if you wish to do so. Keep the following things in mind when reapplying:
    - Use correct grammar and punctuation in all of your answers
    - Include as much detail as possible when and wherever you can
    - Make sure your activity on the discord and Minecraft server are up to par

    Thank you again for applying and showing interest in a staff position at Rapz Prison. Thread locked.

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